5 Ways To Overcome Loneliness In Addiction Recovery

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5 Ways To Overcome Loneliness In Addiction Recovery

This increases their dependence on substances, leading to more frequent use and, eventually, addiction. When someone feels disconnected from the world, they may turn to substances to fill the void and make them feel better. Loneliness is contributing factor to AUD/SUD, and loneliness is often an outcome of initiating treatment and recovery from AUD/SUD. When you find yourself lonely, remember to take a deep breath and do something on the list above to take care of yourself. Being alone can be an opportunity to participate in activities you enjoy, like reading, writing, meditating, or listening to music.

How to Cope with Loneliness During Addiction Recovery

A strong support system can reduce the risk of depression, self-harm, and help individuals recover from addiction. Communication is key to helping your loved ones understand the situation and recovery process. Finding a strong recovery network, such as RCA, is important to promote recovery through extensive support systems and to restore physical, mental, and social well-being. As loneliness fuels addiction, addiction, in turn, causes loneliness. As the addiction worsens, many people damage relationships and lose friends, creating even stronger feelings of loneliness and isolation.


Keeping the positives in mind should make it easier to make new friends and reconnect with your community. Pick a cause or organization you believe in and help them out. You are bound to meet new people who share your interests — and maybe feel good about contributing to your community.

How to Cope with Loneliness During Addiction Recovery

That is, Americans are lonely, especially younger generations, says Cigna’s 2018 U.S. It’s no surprise that being lonely has detrimental effects on mental and physical well-being. The feelings can stem from a multitude of reasons, such as grief following loss, divorce, separation, or miscarriage. Not only can loneliness increase the risk of depression, suicidal thoughts, heart conditions, and other illnesses, but it can also trigger or worsen addiction. Our treatment philosophy is based on a comprehensive and integrated approach to addressing all issues related to substance use and mental health disorders.

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We leave nothing to guesswork as we utilize therapeutically proven, evidence-based clinical practices. We place superior patient care as our highest priority and offer them all-inclusive treatment services. Reconnecting with old friends can help improve your mental health, but don’t be afraid to end relationships that are harmful to your sobriety. For most people, relationships and happiness go hand in hand.

  • When you’re younger, you’re around other people your age every day in school and other activities.
  • Sometimes just “getting out there” and meeting other people isn’t enough.
  • To be clear, loneliness is not depression, though the two may be linked.
  • These supportive settings allow people to talk about their problems and realize they are not alone.
  • If the individual doesn’t come to terms with this or old friends don’t accept their sobriety or have their best interests at heart then it can become lonely.

Her books, including “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do,” have been translated into more than 40 languages. Her TEDx talk,  “The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong,” is one of the most viewed talks of all time. You may be surprised by how much you come to enjoy and appreciate spending time alone. We may receive advertising fees if you follow links to promoted websites. Avoid streaming another series alone or sleeping all day; instead, do something new. Look up outdoor community events that sound interesting to you.

Ways to Deal With Boredom in Addiction Recovery

Do you have a hobby you’ve always wanted to take up or a home improvement project that’s been lingering on your to-do list? Take some time to invest in yourself and your interests and keep your mind occupied in the process. Many programs and resources for individuals in recovery highlight the importance of building a strong support group or network that can help you maintain your sobriety. If you are dealing with loneliness, you are not alone; 3 out of 10 adults in the United States are battling the same phenomenon.

Just like a new exercise regimen that improves your health, you can develop a routine to combat loneliness. By building emotional strength and resilience, you will improve your quality of life. Below are 6 ways you can deal with loneliness without alcohol.

Addiction Treatment Programs

People who frequently feel lonely or sad may start using drugs or alcohol as an escape mechanism. However, once self-medication evolves into a substance use disorder, it often becomes even more isolating as formerly enjoyable hobbies and relationships wither under neglect. Once you are sober, it’s essential to surround yourself with friends and family members who appreciate and support your goals. They can help motivate you through the ups and downs of early recovery and remind you why you chose to walk this path. Here are some tips for overcoming loneliness in addiction recovery. Most people need a certain amount of human contact to feel good, and strong social support is necessary to maintain sobriety.

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